Fitness Instructors

Cycling with Terri


 Terri is a certified instructor and has a passion for your success! This is not just another spinning class this is a cycle workout with friends!  Cycling is such a popular program that it required two instructor/classes.   Who said being indoors can't be fun.  You have to try this one out, you'll love it! 

Body Shock with Shannon


Shannon is a Body Shock certified trainer.  The pace varies with the great music and keeps you moving. You will work hard  and you will see results.  Shannon's class is very popular and everyone has a love/hate experience in every class...and they keep coming back for more!

R.I.P.P.E.D with Laree


Laree is a R.I.P.P.E.D. certified trainer.

This is great mix of aerobic, flex training and light weights exercise that once you try it you'll keep coming back to it!  The class incorporates movements used in boxing, martial arts, flexibility training, yoga, light weights and more. The music is great, the pace is moderate to fast and it is fun!

Vinyassa Flow Yoga with Emily


Emily is a certified trainer in the art of  Vinyassa Flow Yoga. It is truly fluid in movement and deceptive because of how simple movements can do so much good in building strength an flexibility.  Emily is expert in guiding you through each form . You will learn there is no "can't" in this class, positive attitude creates positive results.  Yoga is for all ages, all abilities and you'll be amazed!  

High Fitness with Sarah


Sarah is a certified High Fitness trainer.  Sarah is truly an expert in her field!  She is committed to help you get fit.  Call it "tough love", this class is not to be feared, it is to be a part of what will change your life, the way you look and feel.  This class is well attended and there is always room for you. 

Cycling with Shalene


Shalene is a certified trainer. This is a very popular class!  You will meet people of all ages, all sizes  and all abilities here. No wind, rain and snow stop you in this class. Better yet NEVER worry about being run over by a careless driver!  Shalene's pretty smile and encouragement are just part of the great experience you'll have in this class.

Boxing Instructors and More

Boxing Boot Camp w/ Alisha


Alisha is a certified instructor who has been teaching in our area  for years and is in high demand!  This is exercise not fighting and you will  tone your waist, your back, arms and legs. 

Boxing Boot Camp w/ Stacy


Stacy is also a certified Boxing Boot Camp instructor who has had years of experience in this fun, toning and confidence building class. Honestly you will be amazed at how much you like it! 

Your Fitness Story Starts Here!


Regular exercise helps fight disease, aging and anxiety.  It improves self confidence and attitude. It improves the way you look and feel about yourself.

             YOU CAN DO IT!

Fitness starts with a change of mindset


You do have time, you do have the ability and you start where everyone else does,  exactly where you are today.   Everyone else started with a commitment to be better than  yesterday and better than today. 

Encourage Others To Join You


Let others know you what you are doing to get fit.  It will do two things; it helps you commit to your success and lets others know you need their support.  No one is truly successful without help from other successful people.  Every one of our trainers delight in your successes no matter how small you may feel they are. 



You have questions, you have concerns; let us help you reach your goals.   E-mail us anytime, talk to any staff member, we really want to be a part of your success story.   Let your self-talk be about  today's improvements not about your yesterday.   You will make new friends here who have the same goals you do.


More About The MC Fitness Community Center

Before and After Your Workout


We have clean restrooms & showers, day use lockers and changing area.  We ask that you change out of your "street" shoes into your exercise shoes to prevent bringing rocks, "goat heads" and dirt/mud into the exercise areas.  You are a big part of helping us keep this a clean and safe facility.  Thank you for helping us! 

Play Structure


Do you have small children and have trouble finding a safe, clean and fun place for them to burn off energy? The use of this is for your children and comes free with your membership!

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Child Care


Concerned that you have no safe, clean, supervised place for your small children while you exercise? This is just more benefit you'll receive with your membership here.  Why not join the MC Fitness Center right now?

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Community Programs - Coming Soon


In the future we will be working to offer programs concerning health, diet, cooking and so much more.  We have the facility,  a commercial kitchen and equipment that will help us in bringing these classes to you.  Of course all it takes is MONEY and as resources allow, you will see our advertisements. 

What is MC Fitness Center?


The City of Rupert owns the buildings, the grounds and supports us through a Board of Directors.  MC Fitness is a 501-C-3 (not for profit) corporation that works for the benefit of the citizens of the Mini-Cassia area.  It has been heavily funded by generous donors in our community to help keep membership rates down.  Come in and take a tour even if you are simply curious about this new and exciting addition to our community!

City of Rupert

Boys and Girls Club - Rupert


It is here!  Register your child now.    Call today to learn about this great opportunity for your child.  Call (208) 647-4757 for the Rupert Boys and Girls Club.  We are an extension of the  Twin Falls Boys and Girls Club    

Magic Valley Boys and Girls Club


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and better yet, come in and take a tour!

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